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Simplifying Marketing Strategies Can Help a Brand

January 11, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

You don’t need visually enticing advertisements to direct a consumer to your product.

Every business owner looks to increase their exposure in one way or another. When you delve deep into the core of business strategies, you’ll notice that one of the most effective strategic moves is simplifying the entire decision making process for the consumer. Take the powerhouse tech company Apple. How is it that they reach their audience? What marketing strategies do they deem effective?

Simple is Better

Modern marketing pushes the concept of simplicity. As a matter of fact, Apple takes it a step further.

For example, if you stop and analyze one of Apple’s many billboards that they have up, you’ll notice that they emphasize simplicity. One that you might remember is when they were advertising their tablets. The backdrop is completely white and the tablet is enlarged with a hand peeking in, holding it up in place.

There are no exotic colors splattered around it, no gorgeous model taking away the spotlight, just the tablet with the Apple logo and the name on the upper corner.

As a consumer, what do you see first? Well, quite frankly, there are literally only two things that you can look at on the billboard. This simple approach to marketing created an image for Apple moving forward.

Steve Doctrow, of Rogers & Cowan, has worked with Apple in creating high profile marketing campaigns. He believes that simplifying marketing campaigns can aid a business in the long run. Apple being the example, it just shows that you don’t need outrageous detail to advertise your product successfully.

Preview of CES 2016 Smart Home Panel with Samsung, Lutron, ADT, Icontrol

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Sneak preview of Smart Home session at CES 2016, covering home automation challenges and successes in interoperability, security and privacy, sales and marketing, product development and user experience. (Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

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Preview of CES 2016 Smart Home Panel with Samsung, Lutron, ADT, Icontrol

Build Credibility Through Your Email Newsletter

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Build-Credibility-Through-Your-Email-NewsletterWritten by eTargetMedia.

A company newsletter is a powerful tool for getting your message to potential customers. It can help you with more than just promoting your products or letting people know about special deals. Newsletters can help to establish you as an expert in your field. This is important because customers want to do business with people who know a lot of their industry. Placing yourself as an expert in the minds of your customers can lead to more interest being converted into sales.

So what are things that you can do to build credibility through your company newsletter?

Target the right people. You need to make sure that the messages you are sending out are a good match for the people who will be receiving them. For example, if you are talking about technical information, you want to make sure that it is going to people who are already experts in your field. One way that you can do this is to use email lists that are highly categorized. If your lists aren’t like this already or you need to find new contacts, you can work with a company such as eTargetMedia which has large lists that have been vetted and categorized.

Educate along with selling. While your company newsletter is an opportunity to sell your goods or services, it’s also a chance to give people valuable information they can use regardless of whether they become your customer. If a reader sees that you are presenting them with fresh and interesting content, they will associate you with being an expert in the field.

Find the right tone. You might think that you need a strict and dry tone in your newsletters in order to be seen as an expert. This isn’t the case, as many newsletters favor approaches that leverage humor or a conversational tone to impart knowledge to their readers.

eTargetMedia has been helping clients deliver the best email and postal marketing campaigns for 20 years. Their services include list rentals along with a wide range of creative services.



Integrator Shares Ups and Downs of Angie’s List for Marketing

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Charlotte-based SoundVision concludes that marketing through Angie’s List can pay off if you have the manpower to weed through the referrals.

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Integrator Shares Ups and Downs of Angie’s List for Marketing

More on HTSA, Nationwide Alliance: Towards a National Smart Home Network?

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HTSA’s “strategic alliance” with $15 billion Nationwide Marketing Group could portend a national network for home technology specialists.

Excerpt from: 
More on HTSA, Nationwide Alliance: Towards a National Smart Home Network?

Behind the Dealer Portal: Control4

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Control4 takes us behind its dealer-only Web portal, exposing customer OS status, marketing materials, partner pages, user account info and more.

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Behind the Dealer Portal: Control4

Revenew Reports 28% Client Growth; $3M in New Funding

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Online local marketing company Revenew doubles its employees and reports strong 2014 user growth with 71 total brands while garnering $3 million in new funding.

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Revenew Reports 28% Client Growth; $3M in New Funding

Relidy Pro Marketing Service Targets Suppliers, Larger Integrators

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New Relidy Pro service targets integrators and manufacturers looking for a consultative marketing approach. Dealers’ marketing budgets should be between 5% and 20% of total operating costs, says Relidy.

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Relidy Pro Marketing Service Targets Suppliers, Larger Integrators

17 Tips for Successful Email Marketing

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At the CE Pro Summit, Netsertive outlines the best practices for email marketing campaigns, from which day of the week and what time to send them, and what is the best content to use.

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17 Tips for Successful Email Marketing

How to Track and Preserve Reputation Online

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Article by FixBadReputation

Reputation is becoming an important metric in online marketing. Potential firestorms can be put to rest with proper reputation management, so learn the techniques that are likely to get the greatest response. Here are some tips to follow in the world of online reputation management.

Tracking Metrics

The first step is to determine which metrics are likely to have a visible impact on your business. Things like brand search terms, sales techniques, specific landing pages and others are important to track. Choose the ones that have the highest impact, then work backwards to see what you can track in relation to those points. Try tracking words like “scam,” and your competition online. You never know what you’ll uncover.

Create a Dashboard

A dashboard refers to a central location where you can view all of your relevant stats. This could be a report in Google Analytics, or it can involve several third party tools that track different metrics. Monitor your brand’s rate of engagement, and how often your messages are shared or retweeted. Focus on making these numbers as relevant, and as easy to find as possible.


Automate as much of the data gathering process as you can. It helps to have reports emailed directly to you, but you can also have reports that generate at a specific time of day. Set aside roughly 30-60 minutes daily to review this data so you can give yourself time to analyze and respond to new trends as they develop.

Article written by Fix Bad Reputation, who offers reputation management services such as RipoffReport Post Removal. You can visit the website for more details.

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