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Build Credibility Through Your Email Newsletter

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Build-Credibility-Through-Your-Email-NewsletterWritten by eTargetMedia.

A company newsletter is a powerful tool for getting your message to potential customers. It can help you with more than just promoting your products or letting people know about special deals. Newsletters can help to establish you as an expert in your field. This is important because customers want to do business with people who know a lot of their industry. Placing yourself as an expert in the minds of your customers can lead to more interest being converted into sales.

So what are things that you can do to build credibility through your company newsletter?

Target the right people. You need to make sure that the messages you are sending out are a good match for the people who will be receiving them. For example, if you are talking about technical information, you want to make sure that it is going to people who are already experts in your field. One way that you can do this is to use email lists that are highly categorized. If your lists aren’t like this already or you need to find new contacts, you can work with a company such as eTargetMedia which has large lists that have been vetted and categorized.

Educate along with selling. While your company newsletter is an opportunity to sell your goods or services, it’s also a chance to give people valuable information they can use regardless of whether they become your customer. If a reader sees that you are presenting them with fresh and interesting content, they will associate you with being an expert in the field.

Find the right tone. You might think that you need a strict and dry tone in your newsletters in order to be seen as an expert. This isn’t the case, as many newsletters favor approaches that leverage humor or a conversational tone to impart knowledge to their readers.

eTargetMedia has been helping clients deliver the best email and postal marketing campaigns for 20 years. Their services include list rentals along with a wide range of creative services.



Why You Should Itemize Your Deductions

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Why You Should Itemize Your DeductionsWhen you are filing for your tax return you want to see a check coming in from Uncle Sam, not the other way around. Itemizing your deductions can play a role in this, and while at times it may not be a significant difference, it can potentially keep you from owing money.

By choosing to itemize your deductions, you are trying to reduce your taxable income more than the standard. Keep a watchful eye on items that are applicable. There is also the option of using tax return software and consulting with an expert. The entire goal is not missing out on any type of deduction that you can claim.

If you had previous medical expenses that exceeded more than 10% of your gross income, you can take advantage of this. Also, if you are a student swamped with student loans, there is a chance that the IRS will grant you the ability to deduct your interest that you are paying from that loan. Depending on the type of loan that you have and the amount, this could turn out to be really beneficial. If you are a business owner, depending on the type of expenses that your business puts out, there is a possibility for deduction.

Itemizing your deductions can be a great way to potentially receiving a nice check in the mail. It’s important to remember to take what you can get and plan ahead for the future.

Bio: Kuba Jewgieniew is the head of Realty ONE Group, a real estate brokerage firm that has experienced unprecedented growth. They continue to lead the industry in bold and creative ways.

Options Trading, is it Right for You?

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Do you invest your money? Are you one of those who watch the Dow Jones and cringe if it falls? I am learning about stock, bonds, trading, stock options, and all kinds of things. I am learning about options trading and stock trading. Buying stock in a company is pretty much like buying a piece of the company. When the company makes money, they pay dividends to the stockholders. Note that not all companies pay dividends. Stock options, on the other hand are more like contracts that let the purchaser buy or sell a stock at a fixed price within a specified period. If not used before that time then it is void. You can do options trading in several ways. One is exchange traded options and have standardized contracts. A clearinghouse settles the trade and guarantees the fulfillment by the credit of the exchange. Another example of options trading is between two private traders and not listed on an exchange. The over the counter trading can be arranged any way the dealers want. Every day on Wall Street, stock trading takes place. The entire arm waving and screaming you see on the floor of Wall Street is stock trading at its best. A specialist puts buyers and sellers together and the mandated price is how high the buyer will buy and how low the seller will go. The stocks traded are in no way connected to the company they were issued from. There is much to learn about stocks and options and the best advice is to learn all you can about stocks and then hire a brokerage firm.

Are online credit card payments safe?

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While every merchant who has a physical store requires a point of sale terminal to accept credit card payment, there is another form of payment that is required of merchant services to provide efficiently. Yes, we’re talking about the services that online merchants often require on a daily basis.

For one, security and privacy of client information is a big factor for those who conduct their business online (meaning, over the internet) and is considered to be second most likely method of fraud to be used. And if any information is compromised, it can be considered as ‘career suicide’.

And this is why online credit card payments should be allowed when the ecommerce methods ensure the strictest standards of privacy and security for one’s customers.

The thing is that even though the hazards are real, more and more people still transact over the internet as these transactions are getting safer by the day, and so it is not enough for a credit card merchant service to only provide payment solutions in the real world.

Imagine a world where your customers are virtually every person who has an internet connection and not just folks in your local area. And perhaps this is why online merchants are expanding their businesses far more rapidly than conventional businesses.

Looking for Florida Medigap insurance?

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In recent years, Medicare has come under fire from all quarters, and from all states for its inability to cover the gaps that senior citizens have to pay from their pocket. However, all is not lost, as one can always avail of the Florida Medigap insurance plans from grade A to L that have been standardized by the government.

Now, if you are looking for one of these plans due to the obvious insufficiency of the Medicare insurance program, one can always contact their Medicare case worker to check as to which plan (from A to L) works for them.

At another level altogether, one can also find plans for their dental needs as well as most insurance carriers also offer both group and an individual dental plan to those who want to take care of their dental needs without footing the bill every time they visit the dentist.

What is important is that one compares between the different premiums offered by each carrier for plans (be it Medicare or life insurance) with similar benefits before making a commitment, and that is as simple as asking an insurance agent for information regarding a particular plan from different carriers and if one has used the internet previously, one can also obtain a life insurance quote online.

Looking for a life settlement?

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If you have been considering the option of going in for a life settlement for sometime now, and are tired of paying premiums for a policy that you do not need. The heartening thing is that most folks who are above the age of 70 often get a better deal (which means a load of cash!) that results in being able to meet their current needs in terms of living and medical expenses.

Now there are several people who can help you in taking you through the process of a senior life settlement such as estate attorneys, brokers, CPAs who have a state-issued license. If they belong to a company that specializes in these types of financial transactions, then it’s even better as they know the market well, and can get you the best offer available depending on the policy parameters, age and health of the insurance policy holder.

And it all comes down to picking a reputed company that will assist you in making the life insurance settlement as well as take you through estate planning, which will of course, alleviate your financial pressures and help you live comfortably until it is time to go.

All you have to do is to take the first step in changing your future, if you think that this transaction will help you.

Applying For a Credit Card

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In this day and age, with creditors more conservative than ever, bad credit repair common and creditors changing interest rates and lowering balances seemingly without notice, applying for credit may seem daunting. These days, some may even eschew credit for cash exclusively, but know that it is vitally important to have some sort of credit available to you, not only for emergencies but also simply for maintaining your credit history. If you don’t maintain your credit history, you may find yourself unable to secure mortgages, seconds, lines of credit… etc. when you really need it and in a situation where you’ll need to be fixing your credit standing. To simplify credit card application, you may consider visiting a site like to compare major cards. You’ll want to consider things like APR, fees, rewards options… etc. Also, this site and similar sites allow you to apply online directly from their site, which is convenient. Once approved, consider using the credit card, even minimally and pay it off on time each month to establish and maintain your clean credit history. Furthermore, if your credit score is poor, contacting a credit repair services company, like Vitesse Financial, is a great option for credit repair.

Co-signing on a loan for a friend or relative

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This guest post provided by Sensa.

Co-signing on a loan is a very serious financial commitment that should be heavily considered. Co-signing on a loan means that the original borrower (probably your friend or relative,) was turned down by the lender, therefore the co-signer is responsible for guaranteeing the loan. In other words, if the borrower misses payments or defaults on the loan, it is the cosigner who is responsible for paying the remainder of the loan.

Studies conducted among certain types of lenders revealed that of all the co-signed loans that go to default, as many as three out of four co-signers are required to repay the loan (source: Federal Trade Commission). Furthermore, if the borrower defaults on the loan, the lender will come after you, the co-signer first. Often when the loan goes to collections, this is the first sign of trouble the co-signer sees and it will significantly and negatively impact the co-signers credit standing. So, when you co-signed, you thought you were doing your friend or loved one a favor, but if they default you are looking at bad credit repair for yourself. Not only will you be looking at credit repair, you could be responsible for late fees, have your wages garnished, lose property used as collateral, be sued and finally your relationship with the borrower may be forever damaged.

If you find yourself on the bad end of a co-signer situation with negatives on your credit report, fixing credit should be a priority.

Having a Baby Can Lower Your Credit Score

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We blog a lot about bad credit repair and the measures consumers take to regain control of their credit but sometimes it’s the little things that count.

When you go to pay your deductible or any hospital costs after baby, think again before reaching for your credit card. A large bill will drastically increase the balance on your credit card, which could lower your credit score because it impacts your “credit utilization,” (a piece of the puzzle that makes up your FICO number.)

Instead, experts agree that you should consider paying with cash, check or if you choose to use a credit card, pay off your card prior to the next reporting cycle. Keep in mind that you’ll want to do some research because billing cycles range in length. Once you get your statement in the mail it’s too late- the balance will probably affect your credit score. Alternatively, you could pay off your credit card the same day you pay the hospital bill. These measures will keep your credit intact, which is important especially for those of you focusing on credit repair. Furthermore, using a “rewards” credit card will double your pleasure, so to speak, because you’ll get a rebate or air miles back. This example illustrates how fixing credit or even maintaining good credit can boil down to what seems like a small decision, and it’s wise to consider all expenditures and how they will impact your credit.