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Defamatory Content Removal: Learn Your Options

If your reputation has been harmed by untrue posts that defame you or your business, you may feel like your options are limited. Here, discusses some of the industry’s best reputation repair tricks you can use to make things right. Social Media The basis of good reputation management involves a strong social media presence. Make sure you maintain your accounts on the main websites,... [Read more]

Simple Security Tips to Keep your Digital Wallet Safe

Now that mobile payment technologies are seeing higher adoption rates, commerce (both on and offline) is adapting fast. More and more, consumers are finding opportunities to utilize a digital wallet from their phone at their favorite stores. Even though this technology is new, there are still dangers to using it without proper security precautions. Here are some tips to help keep your wallet safe. Protect... [Read more]

SEO vs. PPC Marketing: Pros and Cons

If you have been thinking about hiring a California internet marketing company to help you promote your site online, you might be debating between putting your focus on search engine optimization (SEO) or pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. Both can be great options, but knowing the difference and the pros and cons of each can help you make the right decision. Search Engine Optimization With SEO, a company... [Read more]

Demographics Should Be Integrated In Every Marketing Strategy

Demographics play a large role in marketing. To better understand why, you’ll need to break down the role of demographics in business plans. Demographics are used to identify certain population segments by characteristics. No matter the size of the business, the development of a marketing plan should always be at the forefront. It’s also vital that you understand your market and approach it fully... [Read more]

How to Build Your Company Through Email Marketing

If you want to build your company through email marketing, there are a variety of strategies that you can implement within your emails that are wildly successful. Here are some of the best strategies from some of the brightest internet marketing minds. Be Respectful Your company needs a foundation to build on. Start it off on the right foot. While networking to other businesses or prospects, it’s... [Read more]

Preparing Your Home for a Natural Disaster

Home emergencies can strike at any time. They often occur during the worst time and can literally cost you thousands to repair. From faulty pipes to sewage backup, no house is safe from the inevitable. However, you can stay prepared by utilizing these tips. Emergency Kit If a natural disaster were to occur, then it’s imperative that you have an emergency kit on hand that’s filled with a variety... [Read more]

Simplifying Marketing Strategies Can Help a Brand

You don’t need visually enticing advertisements to direct a consumer to your product. Every business owner looks to increase their exposure in one way or another. When you delve deep into the core of business strategies, you’ll notice that one of the most effective strategic moves is simplifying the entire decision making process for the consumer. Take the powerhouse tech company Apple. How is... [Read more]

CES 2016: Elite Screens EPV Demos Ambient, Ceiling Light Rejecting Material

EPV, the custom installation line of Elite Screens, will be featured in its Venetian suite with the Aeon CLR (ceiling light rejecting) and eFinity PolarStar (ambient light rejecting) screens that combat tough lighting conditions in media rooms. Original post: CES 2016: Elite Screens EPV Demos Ambient, Ceiling Light Rejecting Material  Read More →

How to Create a Successful Team Environment

Commit yourself to your staff and be the most effective leader that you can be. A team-oriented environment can contribute to a business’s success. People have long preached about how working as a team can help accomplish overall objectives, but few understand how to develop an effective team. Being a “team player” involves more than a type of culture in a workplace, it’s about understanding... [Read more]

Thiel Audio to Showcase SmartSub 1.12 at CES 2016

Thiel Audio’s new SmartSub 1.12 features app-based control and room EQ with a long-excursion 12-inch driver and DSP-controll 1250-watt amp. Here is the original post:  Thiel Audio to Showcase SmartSub 1.12 at CES 2016  Read More →

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