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Tips on Parcel Forwarding Services

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Written by USA2Me

Home-based businesses use parcel forwarding services to tap into unknown markets on other locations. International stores can now ship fast to United States without going through international shipping for every order they receive. Likewise, for those who want to buy products in US markets but are located outside the country, they can use the virtual address as their local shipping point. Shipping the items to international address is just a matter of issuing forwarding orders online.

How to sign up for one? First step is to rent a private mailbox address. Some companies include this with the plan you sign up with. The company will then give out their warehouse address where supplies can be stored until new remailing orders are issued. The other around, if you order an item in US stores, you can have it mailed to your virtual address. From there, you can then send instructions on where the packages will be forwarded internationally.

The shipping system should be well organized and updated. Parcel forwarding service companies like USA2Mehas an online interface where you can access and manage orders anywhere in the world. Wherever you are located, the Mailbox Manager will be your virtual shipping office in the USA. One can track from the online manager all USA order fulfillment or progress.

Shipping fragile items should also be handled carefully. A good mail forwarding company has several shipment boxes options for any package size, as well as trained professionals that manage and ship fragile items. Bubble wrap or styro balls are among the options for fragile repacking services.

USA2Me offers virtual office packages along with their mail forwarding packages. Take advantage of their premium features, add-ons and discounts from their website

Managing the POS of a Coffee Shop

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Written by: Cash Registers Online

A coffee shop is about a lot more than just good brews. You need friendly staff, and a well-stocked snack shelf ready to sell. The crux of any good shop is its ability to handle volume customers, which is one of Starbucks’ biggest advantages. Starbucks puts a lot of work into optimizing its POS station so that staff can quickly take and fulfill orders to keep the line moving. Investing in cash registers in store and impulse itemscan have more positives than you might think.


Any good coffee shop offers plenty of upsells near the register. It could be something like a graphic for the smoothies and other pastries you offer, or it could be a small plastic case with tiers to hold pastries on display. If you sell mints, gum or other breath enhancers, keep them at the register. These items are known as “impulse” buys, and they are basic items that customers don’t think about until it’s time to purchase something. Like reminders. It’s a good opportunity for you to create multiple points of monetization at the register.

Registers and Supplies

Behind the register, you should improve a few aspects of employee protocol. For instance, schedule dates and time for inventory. It’s also a good idea to create separate ordering sheets, so you can keep cash register supplies separate from the impulse buys at the counter. This keeps your system organized, and frees your staff up to perform the required duties. Make sure that you schedule time during the day where there is low customer activity, and provide your staff with enough help on the floor so that at least one or two people can focus on inventory.


Operating a cash register is basic knowhow for any sales association, but training in customer service is worth investing in. Your employees are your first point of contact with the customer, and they contribute to the overall impression customers have about your business. Teach them to take orders, upsell and to listen to the customer. It’s also a good idea to test employees on their knowledge of cash registers, and see how long it takes to complete a transaction.

Other Tips

When you staff a coffee shop, someone should prep orders while someone else takes them. You will find you have a higher customer turnaround, and improved sales if you take the time to make your point of sale more efficient.

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The Fastest Growing Channels for Lead Generation

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Lead generation is all about quality. A lead is no good if it doesn’t lead to a sale. While there is a certain element of chance involved in the equation, lead generation also has a science to it. Part of that science is knowing how to produce leads. Display advertising is one of the more popular methods, but it’s not the only channel. You can also use advertising as your starting point, then use other means to upsell users from there. Here are examples of the fastest growing channels, and how to use them.

Banner Advertising

Using banners to advertise your deals on websites has been a practice since the dawn of Web portals like Yahoo and MSN. These ads are synonymous with blogs and news websites, and they provide an important source of revenue for those publishers. These blogs sell their space on a targeted basis, meaning you can send traffic to a specific demographic or income level. A buy-side platform lets you choose what to bid on in a self-serve fashion, so you set your own targeting and record your own results. It’s overwhelming for newbies, but those in-the-know will find the options refreshing.


Along with basic advertising comes a form of marketing that finds users who have already seen your ads. Dubbed “retargeting,” this technique records some user behavior and shows ads based on what users do. For instance, you may retarget people who see your home page or your banner. This keeps advertising costs low within your target set, and it lets you get a second chance at reaching potential customers. Though retargeting has seen increased use since its inception, it’s still not a main stream trend and many advertisers are taking advantage of that fact.


Email marketing isn’t necessarily something you pay for, nor is it something you can do immediately. Typically, you use display or text ads to bring in new leads, then you use email to sell to them again. Email is very cost-effective and that frees you up to run multiple campaigns. It can be one of the most valuable tools you have as you scale your business, but it’s crucial that you continue to generate new leads through other means.

Final Thoughts

Paid advertising is one of your greatest allies, especially as you get off the ground. It’s worth exploring opportunities in content marketing, but it’s crucial that you continue driving traffic to your website through multiple sources.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is the CEO and co-founder of the buy-side platform engage:BDR. Ted Dhanik began his career with Web properties like and Ted Dhanik gives free advice on digital marketing through multiple blogs and content channels.

Point of Sale Supplies

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Written by Cash Registers Online

Do you run a brick and mortar business? If so, you probably know the important of a cadre of different supplies it takes to keep the business running each and every day. While it’s important to utilize a website as well, that’s no reason to forget about the physical supplies you need for your other business needs.

Point of sale supplies is probably the most important area second only to the lights above your head. Everything from cash register parts to the machines themselves to credit card machines must be utilized or you’re going to be missing out on some serious revenues. By having at least one extra machine on hand, you’ll always be prepared for the worst. However, to make the most out of it, you need to know how to strip it for parts at a moment’s notice or otherwise switch it out for a device that has broken down.

One easy way to do this is by purchasing secondhand registers that still work well. You can even go online and find the matching cash register manuals for them so you’re always able to use them as if they were brand new.


If you’re in the market to improve your business, Cash Register Online has all the products and knowhow you need to build the solutions you need. Amongst other things, you’ll find a wide range of items that include just about every type of point of sale supplies you’ll need.


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This article was written by Phineas Upham

Hyatt began with two entrepreneurs: Hyatt Robert von Dehn and Jack Dyer Crouch. Von Dehn never had much passion for the business, even though his name is on it, so he sold his shares within the first few years of operation to a man named Jay Pritzker. Pritzker’s younger brother Donald took on the duties of day-to-day management of the hotel as a student of Jay and Jack Dyer Crouch.

Donald made the Hyatt into one of the fastest growing hotel chains in the United States, but died unexpectedly in 1972 at the age of 39. He was in the middle of a game of tennis with his wife at the Honolulu Hyatt when he collapsed suddenly.

Jay came back to the leadership position after Donald’s death, and helped to continue his work. The Hyatt quickly became a major player in the hospitality industry, and moved into overseas operations with a hotel in Hong Kong.

Hyatt consolidated all of its operations under one global brand in 2004, which included all of the Pritzker family holdings. This essentially provided focus for the company, and organized all of its holdings under a single balance sheet.

Hyatt is a global brand that offers primarily full-service lodgings under several brands. It also manages hotels designed for families and businesses that are based closer to airports, and runs a series of timeshare properties. The Hyatt in Hollywood has been used in several films, including Lethal Weapon 2 and This is Spinal Tap.

Phineas Upham

About the Author: Phineas Upham is an investor at a family office/hedgefund, where he focuses on special situation illiquid investing. Before this position, Phineas Upham was working at Morgan Stanley in the Media & Technology group. You may contact Phineas on his LinedIn page.