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Tips for International Shipping

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Buying items over the net has become one of the leading trends in the recent years and have mostly replaced physical shops in malls or shopping arcades. People would much rather stay home rather than drive to an area then walk around to find the things they need. All that energy can now be done in the comfort of their own homes. For those that need something shipped from somewhere other than your own country, it can take a long period of time. There is a growing service being provided to cater exactly to that process, and it’s called remailing. It basically provides you an address where you can get the items you want sent to in the US then it is forwarded to you at a lower rate. Not only does it cost much less than having the store itself set up deliveries to your country, more often than not, it’s much faster too.

The process of mail receiving, forwarding can potentially be one that helps you get the item you’ve always wanted delivered to your doorstep. There’s always a chance that the delivery charge will be significantly reduced as compared to having the item shipped directly from the warehouse to your place. There are many charges involved and will definitely take up more time with processing than making use of the service. So take the time to really think about the value of these new age services as they can only improve on the current relic delivery system.

USA2Me is a mail forwarding service that caters to those in need of remailing and forwarding to a different country.

How much should you pay a web designer

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When looking for a web designer, it is very tempting to automatically exclude anyone who won’t work for peanuts. But if you do that, you’re not going to have a good looking site. You should come up with a price you think is reasonable, but if every designer quotes you something much higher than that, you probably are expecting too much for too little. On the other hand, it doesn’t help to just go with the most expensive quote. Just because someone quotes you a rate that’s extremely high doesn’t mean that you will get an extremely good site. The law of diminishing returns applies. Some rules of thumb for pricing:


  • Free means you’ll get a very bad site or very very little. At best you’ll get a good site, and then when you ask them to make one change they’ll never answer your calls.
  • Volunteering and barter is different than free. If you run a non-profit, you might be able to find a Web designer to volunteer time for your website. But don’t expect it.
  • An estimate of $5-10 per page is extremely cheap. You should expect to pay around $25-50 per page for a standard HTML/CSS website. More if there is a lot of programming, content writing, or graphics creation involved.
  • An estimate of $500 or more per page is extremely expensive for a straight HTML/CSS website. If you get an estimate in that range from a designer you otherwise like, explore with them why they are charging so much. You may find that you’re asking for programming even though you didn’t know it.

Don’t be surprised if the designer asks for some money up-front. This is good faith money that you will pay them. It also allows them to pay for things like rent and food while they’re working on your site. But Take Note: if they ask for more than 50% of the total fee up-front, be very wary. You need to know that they will do the work and not just take the money and run.

Making Time for a Massage

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By Garden Retreat Spa

In today’s fast paced world, too many of us simply don’t make enough time for taking care of ourselves. Those of us who do find time from now and then usually only get as far as working out or preparing a healthy meal at home.

But one thing we should all do is make time for a massage, at least once a month at the very least. A massage in NYC can be especially beneficial because the city is home to some of the best locations in the world including Garden Retreat Spa. Furthermore, New York City is full of reasons to be stressed out constantly.

And massages are great for helping us let that go. Most people don’t realize that our muscles can literally carry tension in our body. Obviously, this is the last thing we want. But a massage helps relax our muscles so we’re able to let that tension go. As a result, we’re able to be happier, calmer and more stress-free. Many people noticed positive changes in the way they sleep and deal with others too.

While massages certainly feel like a luxury, we’d all be better off if we treated them more like a priority. Make time in your life once a month for a massage and you’ll feel noticeably better for it.

If you’ve never experienced a massage in NYC before, call Garden Retreat Spa immediately. The Korean spa in NYC offers all kinds of sensual massage NYC residents have come to rely on for feeling better than ever before.

The Benefits of PR in China

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Written by E21 MagicMedia

Every company these days needs functional PR to help them get the word out about their products and services and any events they might be putting on. Without a dedicated team to assist with this, they’ll always lack the kind of marketing they’re looking for. IN today’s day and age, the world is smaller than ever meaning this PR needs to reach every corner of the planet. This is especially true for China, the world’s most populace country.

Of course, everyone knows how influential China is. Aside from having the world’s biggest country, they also have the second largest economy. So it can pay heartily to have China event marketing on your side.

But an interactive marketing agency is even better. PR alone is great, but marketing means so much more these days that if you really want to take advantage of a presence in China, you want a full on agency that can assist you.

One of the biggest advantages for Western companies that take on Chinese PR firms is that those companies are working for them while they’re asleep. Then, when the sun sets in China, this arrangement reverses. So, essentially, a team in China allows companies out West to make full use of the clock.

E21 MagicMedia has earned an esteemed reputation for offering China PR to companies all around the world. As the world’s most populace country it can pay dividends to have a PR team working for you within China.

Invest in the Right Gelato Materials

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By Gelato Products

If you’re starting a gelato business, there is a lot to be considered before you get up and running. Probably one of the main things you’ve focused on is the actual gelato itself. You want to make sure you have enough flavors and that it’s being delivered in the best way possible so the product doesn’t suffer. Of course, you need to pick the right brand as well. Fortunately, all that taste testing is rewarding work.

But you cannot afford to lose sight of all the important matters surrounding your gelato shop. There are a number of frozen yogurt supplies you’ll need in abundance in order to succeed.

And as you need so many of each, it might become easy to simply consider buying the cheapest varieties possible so you can save on overhead and begin making your money back early on.

The problem, however, is this just doesn’t work. Your gelato business will not survive if you buy the cheapest frozen yogurt cups and other supplies. For one, they’re bound to become an issue and leave you with unhappy customers. However, even if they don’t, your customers are smart. They can tell the difference between high quality materials and cheap ones. Don’t insult their intelligence and you’ll keep them happy. Keep them happy and you can expect to see them back soon.

Amongst other things, Gelato Products sells frozen white paper cups as well as personalized ice cream cups and all the other supplies you need to run a successful gelato shop.

Across Cultures

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                The United States of America is a country with a variety of cultures, with citizens of different ethnicities, hailing from different parts of the world. With immigrants coming in from various origins since the seventeenth century, America has grown rich with different cultures thriving within. Los Angeles, the city of angels, is no exception to this variety in culture. With all these varieties in culture, one can explore different areas which culture influences. One of these areas is one that surely most will enjoy, food.

All the different food options

                With all the different ethinicities that reside in Los Angeles, it is only natural that there would be a an extremely wide array of different cuisines to try out. Mexican cuisine is always a popular choice that offsets classic American cuisine. Asian food is also popular with delicacies from China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, and many more. One particular cuisine that is making its name in Los Angelse is Persian food, in fact Persian catering has become a more frequent choice for event catering Los Angeles clients. With its varieties of flavor, many enjoy this middle-eastern cuisine with its Pilaf and flatbreads.

Bringing the cuisine to your special occasions

                Many caterers, such as Anoush Catering, now offer a wide array cuisine that are available for catering at your special events. No longer do you need to find a Persian restaurant somewhere in the city as caterers can now bring those hit dishes to you.

Interim short term management

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By Lyle Charles

Whenever dealing with employees or people in general in a construction project, it’s always good to be careful with words as the working environment is very stressful and loud at the same time, different people can take one statement as one thing and another person can take it as another. There’s a lot of potential misunderstandings in the workplace and none more dangerous than those disagreements from the higher ups. These may cause delays in the production schedule or in the worst case scenario the cancellation of the project. Third party construction consulting firms can be employed to either avoid or resolve any of these misunderstandings or disagreements through private mediation a process where both parties involved are made to sit down with each other with the guidance of a nonrelated entity.

As they say, an ounce of prevention is greater than a pound of cure, it’s always best to plan ahead to minimize such events and these construction firms have just the right solution. Interim short term management services are trending in the construction industry and most projects have benefited from their employment. What they basically do is make things more efficient over the course of the operations. A team would normally observe the current set up of your process and find small details that are holding back efficiency and either modifying these steps or omitting them, or merging them with another step in the process. This complicated task can potentially be the reason you finish everything before the deadline and you won’t even know it.

Lyle Charles is a firm that deals with advisory services as well as structural steel consultation.

Reducing the Cost of Digital Advertising

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Written by Ted Dhanik

The costs of digital advertising are going up, which can be intimidating for the newbie advertiser. Display advertising takes focus and precision, honing in on the exact audience you want your messaging to reach. Reducing the costs of those campaigns doesn’t have to come at the expense of your traffic.

Demographic Targeting

You can cut down the disinterested members of your audience through demographic targeting. By applying what you know of your target market to your campaigns, you can affect who sees your ads. Demographic targeting also includes geography, vastly cutting down the people outside your target market that will see your ad. As you cut these irrelevant targets from your campaign, you narrow the focus of your campaign to the customers who really matter.

Ad Copy

Keeping your ad copy readable, and using some of the keywords you’re bidding on all help to keep your banner advertising text relevant. Be sure that you include selling points the user actually wants to see. Adhere to the motto that less is more and include only the most important points the user needs to see.

Reducing Bounces

The last tip involves optimizing your landing page, which may be costing you money if too many people bounce from it. Make sure that your ad copy matches the landing page, and that your page actually includes things the user wants to see. If the user expects to see low rates, or get a free report, give it to them as soon as possible.

Bio: Ted Dhanik has been a thought leader in sales for over fifteen years. As the president of engage:BDR, Ted Dhanik has helped businesses grow their leads through display advertising. For the latest trends in direct marketing, visit Ted Dhanik online.

Must-Do Steps for Planning a Business Event

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This article was contributed by L.A. Banquets

Whether you are looking at planning a luncheon for a professional group or a cocktail mixer with prospective clients, hosting a special event is a perfect way to attract attention for your small business. When done right, it’s a marketing tool that can get your business’ name front and center with potential customers. But there is also a downside: if you don’t execute your event properly, you run the risk of creating a bad impression that can be tough to overcome.

The potential for problems shouldn’t stop you from going ahead with a special event for your business, but you need to be meticulous while you are planning your function. Here are a few quick tips to help you as you develop and oversee your next business event:

Hire an Event Planner: You might think that you can handle planning and executing every step of your special event. But in most cases, things will run much more smoothly if you work with an event planner. Event planners in Los Angeles know how to get the best deals on catering, staff and anything else you might need. This frees you up to concentrate on molding the business side of the event.

Focus on Your Target Audience: Think about who your intended audience is before you book a special event site. If you are targeting a younger, hip audience, you might want to look at nightclubs or fun activities like high-end bowling alleys. But if your audience is older and more conservative, you can find plenty of <a href=””>banquet halls in Los Angeles</a> that will give your event a dignified feel.

Define Your Reason for Having an Event: It might seem basic, but many business events fall flat because the company doesn’t have a clear reason for holding an event. You need to define your marketing objectives before you do anything else. Are you looking to close sales at the event, or will it serve as a way to introduce potential customers to your product? Answering questions like this will help you in tailoring the right event to your needs.

Stay Flexible: No matter how much thought and effort you put into your special event, chances are that something will happen that will force you to change your plans. Having contingency plans in place for likely scenarios will help you react to certain situations, but you also need to be willing to adapt on the fly as unexpected circumstances come up.

Easy Tips for Purchasing Banner Traffic

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This article was written by Ted Dhanik.

Display advertising is becoming more viable as a marketing strategy for companies looking to beef up their returns. The biggest advantage display ads bring to your site is the ability to generate targeted traffic quickly. Through careful application of some of these tips, you can lower the cost per acquisition and raise your returns.

Track Conversions

A tracking pixel on your display advertising is the best method you have for checking what is actually happening on your page. You can use analytics on the page to determine how much traffic you have received, but a pixel will actually “fire” when someone hits your thank you page. The pixel basically sends a signal to your traffic provider that a user has hit the end of your conversion funnel.

Choose a Great Network

Google AdWords is probably the most pervasive PPC network around, but without careful allocationof your funds and massive testing, you’re likely to spend more than you’ll earn. That’s why you need to utilize special banner advertising networks. Networks outside of Google specialize in particular offers, like health and beauty, or biz-op. Publishing ads to these networks is a good method of tapping into your target audience without the high cost of entry.

Test Frequently

Smart testing will arm you with the knowledge you need to succeed, but you have to be careful about what you change. Change too much and you will be unable to tell which change actually impacted your conversions. Try A/B testing, where a variable (usually one change to the Web page) is pit against the original page. Compare results to see which page converted better, then try to beat your champ.

Ted Dhanik provider of display advertising and high performance marketing solutions. Ted Dhanik is the current CEO of engage:BDR. Ted Dhanik devotes his free time to blogging and mentorship.