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Finding Caterers in LA

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Los Angeles is a great place to plan a wedding. Obviously, you won’t lack for beautiful weather. But you also have countless options when it comes to venues, wedding planners, DJs and, of course, caterers. If you want the best catering in Los Angeles though, you’ll need to know what to look for.

The good news is there’s no shortage of caterers in Los Angeles. The city of Angels has plenty of those. So you can afford to be a bit choosy. Start by finding your budget. Pick the limit that you simply can’t budge from and only consider caterers who fall under that. Otherwise, your happy day will also have you worrying about your bank account.

Once you do that, decide on the type of food you want. Again, LA is great for this as you’ll have a number of options. Whether you want American cuisine, vegan, Thai, etc. the sky is the limit.

By now you should have narrowed down your options enough that you can begin considering actual prospects in earnest. This starts with viewing their menus and tasting some of the samples.

If you don’t know who to go with from that, ask about special discounts or base it on whom you get along with the best. Given how many things you’ll have to juggle for your wedding, having a caterer you see eye to eye with can only be a good thing.

Why Your Construction Company Needs the Right Project Management Software

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Every company would do well to utilize the latest in technology to better meet their ends. Often times this means using project management software. However, construction companies, perhaps due to their long histories, are often reluctant to do this. Unfortunately, this can be a costly mistake that no construction firm can afford.

Construction project management software these days really takes into account everything a firm needs to handle their build the best way possible. Whether it’s getting a handle on payroll or overseeing the suppliers, modern project management software can help construction companies do it all. Best of all, they’re now custom made for the construction industry. This includes handling union wages and hours as well.

Think how much time is spent making sure that each contractor is paid according to their individual hourly amount and taking into account any union demands. Wouldn’t this be easier with contractor accounting software? Of course it would! Even if you’re using traditional accounting software to serve your needs, you’re missing out if you don’t choose a version that’s made specifically for your industry.

Nowadays just about anything can be made easier with the right application of modern technology. You need look no further than software designed around the construction industry. Just about every area of your business will noticeable improve by monitoring, measuring and handling it with the latest technology.


Article submitted by Accu Build. The company offers a number of construction payroll solutions as well as project management software that will keep your business competitive and on top of their priorities.

Tips for Your Gelato Business

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If you’ve started your gelato business, you’re probably still riding the high of having things up and running. Well, congratulations are in order and you deserve to bask a bit in your own success. However, that’s no recipe for profitability. Consider the below tips instead.

Buy cheap, off-brand gelato cups and spoons to save on overhead. Keep in mind you don’t want to lose quality. The last thing you want to hear about is a spoon that ruins the delicious taste of your gelato. But you don’t have to spend a ton of money on the best possible spoons either. Calculate how many you use every day and you’ll begin seeing how much you can save by simply using affordable plastic yogurt spoons that still get the job done.

Do the same for the cups people eat out of as well. While it’s important that the cups they use don’t get the product on their hands, body or clothing, you don’t need to waste a ton of money on cups either. In the beginning it can be tempting to pay extra for cups with your logo on them. For now, settle for a generic cup that gets the job done.

The one place you don’t want to skimp is on the gelato itself. Many people may be tasting gelato for the first time in your store and offering lackluster product could guarantee they never return.


Article submitted by Gelato Products.  The company sells almost everything you need to get your gelato business up and running including paper coffee cups.

Who Can Play Internet Sweepstakes Games?

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If you’re thinking about launching a sweepstakes parlor or simply adding sweepstakes games to your internet café, you might be concerned about your target audience. What type of consumer plays internet sweepstakes games? Are they young or older? Do they have a lot of money to spend? How long do they want to spend time playing sweepstakes games? Here’s a look at the typical target audience for sweepstakes parlors.

The Target Audience

The typical target audience for a sweepstakes parlor is a senior citizen. Senior citizens want to spend time and money at social venues that offer fun games such as sweepstakes games. At any given sweepstakes parlor, an older customer can purchase time from sweepstakes terminals (such as the ones provided by SweepsCoach) and then use the time to play fun and enticing games on the computer.

Time and Money

Most senior citizens are looking for something affordable and fun to do. They are retired, which means they are on fixed incomes. But it doesn’t mean that they haven’t set aside money for entertainment. Sweepstakes games provided by SweepsCoach are considered entertainment. Senior citizens have not only the money to spend on sweepstakes games, but they also have the time. It’s not uncommon for them to spend hours at your store, doing everything from playing games to eating food and socializing with other their same age.

Everyone Can Play

Although the target audience might be senior citizens, it doesn’t mean a younger crowd doesn’t enjoy playing sweepstakes games. Everyone is allowed to play sweepstakes games, and people of all ages enjoy playing the game.