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Conduct Business Online Hassle Free with a Secure Shopping Cart

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The online retail space has exploded in the past decade or so. It started with trade sites such as EBay and Craigslist and eventually evolved to online retailers like Amazon. Now, there is a new trend which is group buy websites such as Groupon and Deal Grocer. Another emerging trend is the opening of small scale online retailers that do business on social networking sites like Facebook. This online retail explosion is due to the fact that a lot of today’s consumers are now tech savvy enough to be able to browse and order online. Given the ease of shopping online and just waiting for your product to be delivered to your doorstep, a lot of people now prefer online retail. This does not mean though that online retailing is a fool proof method that is 100% better than physical retail. For instance, since the internet is accessible to everyone, a lot of malicious parties can exploit vulnerabilities and steal data and even cash from online shoppers.

If you are a small retailer, having an online presence is essential for growing your business, however, since a lot of security risks exists, you need to ensure that you utilize safe and secure shopping cart ecommerce. You need to ensure a safe transaction environment for you and your customer by getting a secure website shopping cart. Thankfully, these services can be had without cutting into your profits. There are cheap but high quality providers of secure website shopping cart.


This article was submitted by Secure Net Shop; a trusted provider of shopping cart solutions.

How to Find Lottery Tricks and Strategies

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While playing the lottery is exciting, winning the jackpot is nearly impossible. According to a recent article in the New York Times, the odds of winning a Powerball jackpot, for example, is 1 in 175 million. However, devoted lottery players know that there are serious tricks and strategies for playing the game. But where can you learn about these prized tricks and strategies? A company on the web is offering a place for California lottery players to do just that.

Lotto Gopher — a social lottery website created three years ago — has launched a member forum, the perfect platform for people who play the lottery to share and discuss lottery tips, tricks, and strategies on the internet. The main reason people become members of this website is to have the ability to order California lottery tickets online – Lotto Gopher is the first website to offer this service to California players. But in addition to this service, users can now engage in the Lotto Gopher community, where members who are serious about playing (and winning) the lotto can also get serious about discussing the lotto.

Joining the Lotto Gopher community is easy. Become a member of Lotto Gopher by choosing to either order California lottery tickets online or subscribe to play in every drawing. Once you’re an online member of the site, you can take advantage of the many community features, including the member forum. In addition to sharing tricks and strategies on the web, the member forum provides a place for lottery players to meet other people who are passionate about the same game.

Card it!

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Online shopping is a growing industry. It is an industry that is growing at such an exponential rate, that almost anyone can be part of the online shopping revolution. From long-established mom and pop stores, to the smallest of casual start-ups, anyone and everyone can participate in the online marketplace. One of the greatest conveniences of online shopping is that many, if not all, online stores need not get any real frontage nor do they need an actual store to operate. Almost anyone can start an online store in the comfort of their own homes, making doing business and easy, and straightforward affair.

Another aspect of online shopping that many merchants fail to cater to is the ability to accept electronic payment methods such as a credit card payment gateway. By enabling online credit card merchant services not only do you enable your customers to pay wirelessly through an online payment channel, but you also add an extra layer of security by processing card payments through a trusted online payment gateway. Not only does this protect the funds being transferred to your account from your customers, it also ensures their privacy is protected.

In this day and age where security and privacy are of utmost concern, make it a point to keep you, your business, and your clients safe by choosing to transact only through a trusted online payment gateway to ensure that both you and your customers stay protected every step of the way.


Web Traffic for Improved Business Success

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Do you feel like you are stuck going in circles with your regular day job? Do you think that you are overworked, underpaid and unappreciated? Perhaps you should now ditch the grind, exit the rat race and enter the world of entrepreneurship. If you become an entrepreneur, you are no longer constrained to a desk for eight hours a day waiting for someone to hand you a pay check; you get full control of your earning potential.

The reason why not everyone goes into entrepreneurship though is because being a businessman entails taking risks that can cost a fortune. Now though, you can minimize costs with your startup by doing business online. An online business requires less manpower and overhead costs.

The problem with having an online business though is that since it is easily accessible and anyone with a bright idea and drive can compete in the global market place against you. In order to give you a step up against the competition and reach out to millions of potential customers, perhaps you should invest in hiring internet marketing professionals to increase website traffic. With the optimization work of an experienced internet marketing professional, you will get more website traffic that is highly relevant to your business. For instance, if you are in the food business, an internet marketing professional can optimize your website so that web searches on food will turn up your page at the top of the search list.


Interview Tips for Aspiring Makeup Artists

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Guest post is provided by Cosmix Inc., a leading makeup academy located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Check out their website for more information.

Aspiring makeup artists need to have the proper interview skills in order to book makeup jobs.  Every make up artist school should conduct lessons on interviewing because it’s an essential skill in order to have success in the industry.  Interview skills are about knowing how to communicate and putting your social skills to practice.  If you know how to communicate in an interview, you’re much more likely to book a job.

Here are the key steps to rock an interview:

  • Prepare ahead of time: Think about possible answers for questions that the interviewer might ask as well as any questions that you may have about the job.  It’s also important to research the company or individual ahead of time.
  • Bring the proper supplies: Always take your resume, portfolio, business cards and makeup kit (only if it’s a test) with you.  If you are “testing,” you should make sure to bring face charts and the right products as well as an organize your kit prior to the interview.
  • Arrive early and in style: Always arrive at least 5 to 10 minutes early to an interview.  You should dress in clean and conservative clothing.  You want to present yourself as a professional.
  • Smile, show confidence, and think before speaking: Make sure to have a positive and optimistic attitude while speaking with the interviewer.  It’s important to have confidence and to always think before speaking and responding to questions.

After you graduate from a fx makeup school with the proper training, it’s essential to know how to conduct yourself in an interview.  Follow the simple steps above and you’re sure to be hired for many jobs.  Also, make sure to always send a thank you email or card within 24 hours of the interview.

Benefits of Display Advertising

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By Ted Dhanik 

Display advertising has many benefits to the business. One such benefit is the specificity of advertising. Because display ads are created and promoted to people who are most interested in the product, the amount of people who both view the ad and purchase a product or visit the website goes up. This increases the ROI heavily. The benefit of spending money on this type of advertising allows the business that is investing in the marketing some trust that they will not lose money on this campaign, because of the specificity and the attention to detail that goes into creating a display ad.

Another benefit is the ability of the ads to keep with the constant change in trends and buying decisions. With the purchase of display advertisements, constant monitoring is done of the ad on how well it is working, how often people use it, and what can be done to improve its face value. Because people’s attention and interests constantly change, advertisements for products have to adapt. With traditional forms of marketing, this was not an available option. To change a television ad or a radio ad could take months. But with display advertising, a business ad can be changed in a matter of days to match the new marketing craze.

Being able to increase ROI and stay on top of current marketing trends are two of the most valuable reasons that display marketing is worth investing in for any business, be it a multi unit large scale company or a small, family owned business.

Ted Dhanik provided this guest post.  Ted Dhanik is an expert in display advertising trends and high performance marketing solutions. Learn more about Ted Dhanik by visiting

Display Advertising: What it is – by Ted Dhanik

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A new market has bloomed in the field of advertising over the past fifteen years. It has taken a huge bite out of the traditional means of promotion. Print ads, and the like, have been slowly on the decline for some time now when compared with this new medium. And it is a powerful promotional tool that can change from moment to moment and be adapted towards an individual in merely an instant. This is the new world of online advertising or, as it’s more commonly known, display advertising.

Imagine a sports fan visiting a favorite website, say, one devoted to football. At the top of the website, he might find a banner promoting a ticketing agency for sporting events. This is an aspect of display advertising. At one point during his visit, a pop-up ad appears, sharing information about the largest online sports memorabilia retailer. This too is another example. Or maybe another banner appears, with a countdown clock, talking about a two hour sale currently happening at the same retailer. Yet one more aspect.

Display advertising tends to be more dynamic than the other modes of online advertising. Blanket emails and text messages don’t fall into the same realm. The very name itself denotes the display like quality that this type of advertising possesses. It is very graphic oriented, utilizing many aspects of media such as streaming video, evolving pictures, and other means of attracting a potential customer’s attention. In addition, the advertising experience can be tailored towards to the individual viewing the ads to create an even more dynamic experience for the individual.

The sports advertising, in the aforementioned football website, is a perfect example of how display advertising can meet the interest of an individual. Those seeking information about classic writers might find banner ads promoting a publisher or book store. Or maybe an individual wishes to research tropical vacation sites. The display advertising may bring about deals for airfare or luxury hotels in some of these tropical locales. Through the use of contextual systems, the online advertising experience can sometimes even enhance and cater to the tastes of the online viewing public. And by using these tools, a company can bring a staggering amount of traffic to their websites and increase business.

The world has changed in terms of information, communication, and entertainment. If a business can evolve with the times in terms of advertising and the online medium, it can be assured that this tool will have a hand in their continued success.

This information has been brought to you by Ted Dhanik. To get the most out of your marketing campaign, consult with Ted Dhanik to find the most up to date resources and solutions for advertising needs. Be sure to visit Ted Dhanik at his websites to see what he can do to enhance your success.

Humor In Display Advertising?

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By Ted Dhanik 

Humor is often seen as a way to attract attention- but in advertising? Some people may think this is risky, but recent evidence shows otherwise. Using humor in a display advertising campaign can help draw more viewers and potential clients to a website, and divert their interest into what a marketing campaign is saying.

Humor and comedy are things that connect people down to the core. When they are used in display advertising, they appeal to a potential client in a more personal way, rather than trying a direct sell. Once the personal connection is there, it is easy to engage the client and lead them to a specific site.

Using humor and comedy as a way to promote a product has also been shown to be one of the best ways for consumers to comprehend the product that is being shown. Surprised? Perhaps not. After all, since humor is an instinct that people use, it draws a rudimentary connection between both strangers and people within close relationships. It makes sense that this would be an easy path for product promotion directed straight at the consumer.

Lastly, a great argument for the use of humor in display advertising is the leverage it provides the business. The display will get the foot traffic to the website- simply because of the brilliancy of the comedy, or the great graphics. That is the point of a display advertisement; to increase web traffic to their home site.

Comedy sits well with everybody, and can be adjusted and used in many different scopes to match the many different types of businesses that are out there.

Guest post provided by Ted Dhanik, provider of display advertising and high performance marketing solutions. Ted Dhanik is the current CEO of engage:BDR. Ted Dhanik devotes his free time to blogging and mentorship.