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Update Your White Coffee Cups

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White paper cups are a common staple on coffee shops. It is a cost effective way to serve coffee cups and easy disposal. You can easily buy white coffee cups at wholesale prices through a coffee shop supplies store. Although white coffee cups are relatively cheap, you can also purchase customized cups for a personal touch.

A lot of coffee shops are investing on these because of several factors, it helps in boosting brand awareness which can lead into possible sales in the future. Customized coffee cups can bear your brand’s logo, this will serve as a walking ad when your customer walks around town with a cup on his hand. Through this, it can entice other people to see and find out what your coffee tastes like. Although you will need to invest on customized coffee cups, you will be virtually saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars in advertising your business. Customized cups can be purchased in different sizes and texture. Most, if not all, customized cup manufacturers have a certain limit on how many colors can be printed on a cup. See to it that this limitation can accommodate your logo.

Article submitted by Gelato Products. Gelato Products is one of the leading manufacturers of various coffee and ice cream supplies. The company offers coffee cups and lids, multicolor taster spoons, spatulas, cone holders, pan liners and a lot more. Gelato Products gives free domestic shipping in the United States.

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Process Online Payments Hassle Free

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In this day and age, the internet is nothing short of a powerful sales tool to help boost business. Countless numbers of small start-ups find their ticket to big business online every day. Expanding you small business online can reap rewards early on, and help you make the most out of your business. With the ever growing gamut of e-commerce sites, especially web stores, everyone is looking for that edge that can help set them apart from their competitors. Many gimmicks are about, promising to help boost sales and throughput of online businesses, but just how many of them really give you that competitive edge?

In this place and time, nothing facilitates strengthened e-commerce and sales volume the way online merchant credit card processing can. Imagine the increase in business revenues brought about by a fast, reliable, and hassle-free payment system in place that allows you to accept credit cards from all over the world. Watch your sales multiply and grow as you allow customers from all the over the world to pay, quickly, and hassle-free via credit card processing online. With such a reliable system enabling your business to accept payments as easily as swiping a card – or receiving card information – your customers will enjoy this newfound convenience in payment.

By moving over to more modern payment methods, not only do you offer convenience for your potential customers, but you also employ added security, ensuring that both you, and your customers are protected during your business transactions.