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Los Angeles Business Owners Turn on Yelp Panel Discussion

August 27, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

Although Yelp intends to be an insider source of consumer knowledge, with 108 million visitors per month, business owners at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood confronted their panel with angry accusations.

Yelp has made an effort to reach out to thousands of business owners in 22 major cities across the country in order to clear up misunderstandings and inform the public about their advertising options. Business owners throughout the Los Angeles area were invited to this Town Hall meeting last Tuesday to learn more about Yelp’s services.

The panelists consisted of five people, two business owners and three reviewers, and praised the necessity of paid Yelp accounts for success. The audience, however, was not so friendly once the question-and-answer session was opened.

Accusations of slander, deceit and corruption were thrown at the company for over an hour and a half. Some members of the crowd even went so far as to accuse Yelp of extortion. One boutique owner recalled relentless solicitation for Yelp advertising services. She claims that when she denied any advertising packages on the website, all of her negative reviews were mysteriously pushed up to the top of her page.

Yelp denies any monetary connections on how reviews are placed or filtered. The company claims that all reviews are displayed according to an objective algorithm that monitors for activity and posting frequency. The goal is to eliminate reputation inflation due to fake anonymous reviews. People countered this rebuttal by reminding the representatives that slanderous reviews still exist on the website that have no basis in reality.

The next town hall meeting for Los Angeles is scheduled for November and will focus on business operating out of West L.A.

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Office Outsourcing: A Silver lining in the Economic Tempest

August 19, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

The hard fact is that the economic condition for the last half decade has been challenging, to say the least. With tough economic conditions stateside and increasing pressure from international competitors, the need for corporations to streamline their businesses in order to survive is becoming ever more pressing. This is evident in the current prevailing trend of outsourcing work to outside firms that offer good value propositions.

While outsourcing customer service and order processing services has been standard industry practice and has been continually growing in the past decade or so, a less widely utilized service is the outsourcing of office and administrative services. Traditional office operations can put a huge strain on the finances of any enterprise due to the high cost of pension and benefit obligations for regular employees as well as real estate and other taxes applicable to company owned office buildings or properties.

Utilizing office solutions providers can help alleviate the financial burden of running an office. Whether you are trying to weather through the bad economic environment or are looking to take advantage of the low interest rate climate in order to launch your enterprise, a good office solutions provider can be a major contributor to your success. This applies when looking for a long term office space for rent or are planning to avail of day office rentals.

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