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Be part of an internet marketing conference

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Article written by FRG News

Ever been to an internet marketing conference? Well, you should if you want to learn the latest and the greatest from internet marketing gurus out there. They say that the greatest teacher a student can have is experience, but you can’t argue that along with experience comes valuable advice from experts in the field, who will share their own experiences with you right in the middle of the conference. An exhibit hall pass should render you hours of learning and networking opportunities while mingling with people in the industry.

Watch out for the latest scoop in the digital marketing sphere by attending one of several upcoming ad:tech shows in different locations, namely Sydney, New Delhi, London, Melbourne, Singapore, Tokyo and Shanghai. Shows are also lined up in both San Francisco and New York so you better keep your eyes peeled for them. Committ several hours of your day attending one of these events and you’re sure to pick up valuable lessons about your trade from the best of the best in the internet marketing industry.

Meanwhile, just because you’re an internet marketing professional doesn’t mean you don’t have to have anything to do with advertising. As a matter of fact, you have to know people in the advertising industry. That’s because as with any other company that uses advertising to get attetion on their products and services, so does your internet marketing business. Without advertising, you won’t be able to cut through the media clutter. So mingle with advertising professionals in ad:tech’s advertising trade show and get to know what makes them tick.

Why the App Inventor Won’t Replace Professional Developers

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If you are a professional Android app developer, you might be concerned after hearing that Google has opened up the app development process with the release of its App Inventor. Available for free through Google Labs, the App Inventor gives the general public access to the same programming environment previously available only to professional Android developers. According to the Google Blog, amateur developers have already been able to use the App Inventor to create new apps such as a children’s vocabulary builder, bus route trackers and broadcasting tools for community events.

So does this mean that Android programmers should start looking for a new line of work? The truth is that even with a simplified working environment, creating a Google app through the App Inventor is difficult, with no guarantees of success unless a person has a solid knowledge of programming. While the App Inventor might be a great tool for individuals to develop free, niche applications, the complexity of the app development process means that companies are going to need to find Android developers who can create professional-quality products to create apps people are willing to pay money for. The App Inventor is a fun tool which falls well short of “replacing” professional app developers.

Undergo search engine optimization training

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Want to be an expert in SEO. Then you’ve got to put an effort into learning more SEO strategies and techniques. What better way than to undergo search engine optimization training with the leading SEO professionals in the industry. They’ll be happy to share their expertise with young internet marketing professionals such as yourself. Even professionals can learn a thing or two from each other so even if you years of experience under your belt, it won’t hurt to listen to a few of your colleagues talk about their own SEO methods.

Meanwhile, online publishers can greatly benefit from SEO training whether basic or advanced. As any internet marketing professional knows, content published online can only do so much without the aide of good search engine optimization. Search engines won’t be able to locate and rank your content unless it has been optimized to be search engine friendly, meaning it has to have fresh, significant content always to be given proper ranking on search engine lists. If you’re in the San Francisco area, then you might as well drop by events to be held by ad:tech and learn a thing or two from the SEO pros.

On the other hand, folks in New York can come down to ad:tech exhibit hall and innovation alley to be part of several training and conference events. Keynote speakers include notable personalities and officers from big time internet marketing companies such as NBC Universal, MindTime Project,, Gridley & Company LLC, Spark Capital and Personal Life Media. Meanwhile, to be talking on behalf of their companies are managers, founders and CEOs of popular sites and brands such as MTV and VH1, Crocs, Foursquare, Technorati, Volvo, Norwest, Microsoft and Starcom MediaVest Group.

Ad-tech: the biggest advertising trade show

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Want to learn how advertising impacts your online business? Then you’d better come down to ad:tech’s advertising trade shows to be held periodically in several of their exhibit halls around the world, most popular of which is their location in San Francisco. Not many people are aware of how profitable online advertising really is, and how it drives online business to maximize return on investments. By optimizing your advertisement efforts, you can drive your business to the top and earn your way to big profits.

Meanwhile, ad serving is one particular innovation in the field of online advertising. It’s all about displaying and updating a website’s advertisements in real time, meaning the server will be able to pull information about the visitor and organize or display ad information and data that will be compatible to the user based on geographic location or personal preferences. This type of advertising is still in its very early stage with some companies. To be able to implement it on a large scale will no doubt lead to greater customer satisfaction and higher ROI.

If you’ve got free time at some point in April next year, then you’d do well in visiting San Francisco anytime from the 11th and 13th of that month to catch ad:tech at the Moscone Center West. Be part of the world’s biggest digital marketing show and meet thousands of marketing professionals talk about their experiences and personal opinions on anything and everything that falls under internet and digital marketing and emerging technology. Be around and learn from the best in the industry.