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Can You Process Credit Cards Online?  If Not, Your Business is Really Missing Out

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In today’s world, not being able to process credit cards online can be a huge detriment to your business.  If you can accept credit card payments anytime, anywhere, it can mean the difference in having your business succeed or fail.

Even if you run a traditional brick and mortar business, you still need to be able to process credit cards online.  Thanks to the explosion of the world wide web, we now live in a society where customers expect to be able shop anytime – and do it right from the comfort of their own homes.

If you accept credit card payments online, the process is similar to taking credit cards in your store.  With online purchases, the transaction can be approved instantly, and the money can be transferred into your account in just a day or two.

And, by being able to process credit cards online, you open yourself up to a whole new group of customers.  People who live on the other side of town, on the other side of the country, or on the other side of the world can now buy from you.  Think of how many more profits you could see if you really did open up your inventory to the world wide web!

But, being able to process credit cards online comes with a couple of different nuances than just swiping a credit card in your store. 

Above all else, you need a payment processor that is safe and secure.  No matter how eager people are to shop online, they are not going to hand over something as important as their credit card number if they do not think it’s safe to do so.  That’s why you need to find an online payment processor that specializes in fraud prevention and encryption.  In fact, there are total merchant services out there that will handle all of your online transactions, set up the proper security parameters, and can even customize your account so that only certain employees have access to customers’ credit card numbers.

By working with professional merchant services, you can also take advantage of other opportunities.  For example, some companies may throw in freebies in exchange for getting your business.  If you sign up for an online credit card payment processor, you may get a free credit card terminal that accepts payments on the go – like if you make deliveries, or need a way to accept credit card payments at a trade show or street fair.

Looking for Forex Signals?  2 Ways to Do It

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Forex signals can be a major asset in helping you manage your forex accounts.  However, you have to be careful where you get your information.  After all, hearing the wrong forex news can lead to a costly mistake!

When it comes to forex trading, there is no downtime.  Trades can be done anytime of the day or night, in any currency.  There are no breaks for holidays, weekends, or sick time.  In fact, many forex traders feel the pressure to be on their game all the time.  Unfortunately, though, that’s how many of them get burned out.  If you don’t want to be obsessed with forex trading 24 hours a day, you can depend on forex signals to help you out.

What are they?

Forex signals are tips from people who know more than you do.  After all, wouldn’t it be great to have a trusted expert telling you when to buy and when to sell?  Forex signals do just that.  In fact, if you use automated forex trading software, you can even tell your robot which forex signals to listen to, and when to act on them.

However, when it comes to getting forex signals, you have to make sure they’re coming from a trusted expert.   After all, very few experts are willing to give out all of their secrets – no matter how much you pay them!  For the best forex signals, you need to get them from someone who’s honest and trustworthy.  Otherwise, you could wind up making some very costly decisions.

So, how do you get the right forex signals?  There are 2 ways to do it:

  1.  The latest forex news

    Simply being educated is a great way to know when to buy and sell.  However, since the forex market never closes, the amount of forex news out there is never-ending.  If you try to keep up with every single forex news tidbit out there, you will burn out quickly. 

    Instead of looking at every wire and every news report, focus on a specific currency, and keep track of news related to it.  For example, if you only trade in U.S. dollars, you will want to keep a close eye on big events – like the G-7 meetings and Federal Reserve meetings.  After all, those events will have a drastic effect on the dollar!

  2. An honest currency trading broker

    Forex brokers can be a tremendous asset when it comes to getting forex signals.  However, you have to make sure you’re dealing with a currency trading broker who has your best interest in mind.  Unfortunately, there are plenty of forex brokers out there who trade the markets themselves, or are only looking out for their wealthiest clients.  If you’re going to use a currency trading broker to get your forex signals, do your homework first.

Fuel your business with rich media

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Want to fuel your internet marketing business with rich media? Then you have to get involved with Ad Tech’s annual digital marketing event. There you will find outstanding personalities in the realm of internet marketing and new media communication who will share their secrets as well as their insights into the latest technologies that are now available in the realm of digital marketing. If you want to come face to face and learn from experts from different fields of marketing, you have to be at Ad Tech’s 5th rich media advertising trends forum in Beijing.

For those of you who based in the US, and have no time to spend going to China, then you have the option of going to Ad Tech’s forums in New York. Each day, Ad Tech has lined up conferences that include presentations from top marketing professionals from established companies. Whether you’re interested in focused demographics such as Hispanic marketing or market research in general, you’ll find something useful. Be part of discussions and get to mingle with the best of the best. Learn a few marketing and new media tricks here and there to help your own internet marketing business grow into a success.

All marketing needs advertising. That’s why Ad Tech put up its own advertising expo to put together the greatest minds in the field of advertising. Learn from the pros and build up your network in the advertising industry. Who knows? Your company may benefit from advertising revenue, as long as you’re up to the challenge. Be sure to be there on November 3 for Ad Tech’s Big Networking Bash! It’ll be worth it.

Get the latest in emerging technology

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Think you’ve learned enough about Internet marketing? Well, think again. From April 12 to 13, one of the biggest digital marketing shows in the world will be held at the Moscone Center West in your beloved city of San Francisco. For those who aren’t aware, Ad Tech is one of the premier organizations that provide venues for top notch digital marketing and service companies to come together and discuss trends and emerging technology in their respective industries. With more than 10,000 exhibitors flocking to Ad Tech venues year after year, it’s one of the greatest melting pots of marketing geniuses and amateurs alike.

No other internet marketing event around New York or San Francisco quite compares when it comes to sheer participation and attendance that each annual Ad Tech event enjoys. Each guest will be able to learn a thing or two about digital marketing thanks to the natural ability of marketers to share success stories with each other. Put yourself in an exhibit hall pass and you’ll find full access to the exhibit hall, keynote presenters delivering lectures, expo floor presentations and parties, the Beer Garden where you could unwind with your colleagues, several other digital marketing related zones.

For those of you who are already, or are yet to use email marketing, Ad Tech now offers an exclusive email marketing training, done by none other than author-slash-CEO Simms Jenkins. Guest speakers also include email marketing professionals from Silverpop, Daily Candy, Barnes & Noble and Southwest Airlines. So make sure you’re there this April.

Get to know online best practices

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Want to learn more about online best practices in digital marketing? Then you should sign up for one of Ad Tech’s conferences. This company knows what digital marketing is all about, and that’s why they create and host events where mavens and young specialists alike can flock together to discuss any and all things related to the industry. In New York alone, the company has three days of unending conferences and discussion, as well as keynote presentations from the experts in the field of internet digital marketing.

Interested to learn about email marketing? Everyone who knows about digital marketing cannot set aside the immense potential of email marketing when it comes to generating return on investment (ROI). That’s why Ad Tech is holding an exclusive email marketing training to be conducted by author-slash-CEO Simms Jenkins. Learn about list building, segmentation, metrics analysis, campaign strategizing and online email marketing service providers. In case you’re wondering, email marketing currently enjoys the biggest ROI as compared to other digital marketing areas.

To make sure every digital marketer is catered to, Ad Tech ensures a wide range of conferences scheduled each month and happening in different locations. Depending on which field you’d like to learn more about, you can choose not to attend most of the conferences, or be there to listen to each one. Whether it’s a search marketing conference, content development forum or web analytics discussions, you will benefit from the wealth of knowledge and discussion. In the end of the day, the knowledge and social connections you make at the events are what really matters.

Participate in marketing trade shows

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Article written by FRG News

Tired of spending money paying a creative agency to prepare your marketing materials? Nothing can be more challenging and rewarding than being your own creative director. All you need is insight and inspiration, two characteristics of which most designers are known for. And to be working or talking, at the least, to a designer whose name resounds with fame and success in his line of work is incentive itself to make sure you’re there at the event. Get to know what makes creative designers tick and how they handle their job’s challenges through Ad Tech’s exclusive conferences.

For those of you working as search engine specialists in your own companies, there’s a search marketing trade show that will highlight trends, loopholes and technological breakdowns that are necessary in making a successful career in search engine specialization. Since consumers are now getting more and more personal, so should your company when it comes to its search engine strategies. There’s no better way to earn credibility for your company’s website than ranking high on Google search results page 1. And the only way you’re going to do that is by applying everything that’ll you’ll learn in Ad Tech’s exclusive search marketing forums.

So what else is there to Ad Tech besides experts talking about search engine marketing? Well, basically there’s dozens of marketing trade shows being held in different Ad Tech venues. The question is, which one are you most interested i,n and which do you think your website needs to most. So be at the Moscone Center West in San Francisco from April 12 to 13.

Search engine optimization training by Bruce Clay

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The greatest of great research dedicated to email marketing that any digital marketing efforts is none other than advertising. Simply put, advertisers know when the best time to talk to your prospective clients and customers, and they’re the most steady and most extravagant when it comes to expenditures. Ad Tech’s advertising trade show will gather together the best of the best individuals and organizations who make a living out of advertising. Learn the ropes and apply it to your own digital marketing to increase your presence on the internet and to boost profits.

Meanwhile, online publishers will have the time of their lives by immersing themselves in some good old learning sessions. To be included under Ad Tech’s Publisher Pre-Conference line up is Samantha Stetson as the forum’s host. Learn the in’s and out’s of content development publishing, as well as the most common and not-so-common ordeals in distribution, access and monetization. Vince Thompson will also be at the venue to give a lecture review of publishing best practices.

Not to be overlooked is Bruce Clay, who will similarly provide his expertise in the realm of digital marketing. His specialization in search engine marketing makes him one of the leading experts on search engine optimization. Ad Tech will be holding SEO search engine optimization training in San Francisco and will also have Bruce deliver his own lecture. His one-day SEO Training Course is something you won’t want to miss for anything. Learn the difference of white and black hat strategies to keep your website off Google’s list of offenders.