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Don’t Include Land Value When Getting a Home Insurance Quote

December 14, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

When determining the value of your house when getting free home insurance quotes, it’s important to make sure that you get enough insurance to cover the value of your property. This gives you the protection and ability to rebuild in case of damage or destruction to your house caused by manmade or natural disasters.

However, the Insurance Information Institute warns against overvaluing your property when getting home insurance quotes. Overvaluing your property leads to paying more in premiums than you need to in order to rebuild your house.

One example is when people include the value of the land that their house is built on in their overall property valuation when getting home insurance online. The property doesn’t need to be insured – even if a fire, flood or other natural disaster destroys the house, you can still rebuild on that land. Only consider the value of items that cannot be reused when calculating the value of your home.

DTCC Change Rules on Cost Basic Reporting Data Transfers

December 11, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

Financial advisors who were concerned about the upcoming federally-mandated changes to the cost basis reporting system received some good news last month, as Investment News reports that the Depository Trust and Clearing Co. (DTCC) has announced changes to its Cost-Basis Reporting Service that should remove much of the burden from the advisors and brokers and free their IT departments to work on other issues such as implementing new collateral management software.

Previously, the DTCC had only allowed firms to transfer cost basis information on transactions that passed through the Automated Customer Account Transfer Service (ACATS), a service of the DTCC’s subsidiary company the National Securities Clearing Corp. (NSCC). Changes will allow firms’ data to be passed to transfer agents, issuers, mutual funds, custodian banks and broker-dealers on both ACATS and non-ACATS transactions. This should allow firms to concentrate less of their efforts on cost basis reporting and spend more time on other elements such as improving their margin systems.

Call Answering Services for Cable Companies

December 7, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

A common complaint among cable customers is that they can never reach a live person on the phone. From dealing with long hold times to dropped calls, many customers get frustrated and give up because it seems impossible to reach a live person on the other end of the line. To solve this problem, many cable companies employ call answering service agencies to handle overflow calls, providing customers with a professional 24 hour a day point of contact.

A professional call answering agency can offer cable companies a variety of services to ensure each customer receives the right response at the right time. Such companies offer courteous and knowledgeable representatives who can provide customized call routing and scripting based on specific business requirements. Customer support services provided by these companies include providing subscribers with the estimated time of service restoration, documenting problems and dispatching important messages to proper management.